Nina i bulgariska tidningen Joy (september 2011)

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The Vampire Diaries, Säsong 2: Nina Elena \ Katherine funktion

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The Vampire Diaries, Säsong 2: Nina Elena \ Katherine funktion

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Vem bar den bäst? Nina Dobrev eller Judy garland som spelar Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Jag tycker att Nina bar den bäst utan tvekan!


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Nina i bulgariska numret av tidningen Glamour augusti 2011. Fast bilder är från en gammal Teen vogue photoshoot. Tyvär så är texter/intervjuer på bulgarisk.
/ Nathalie


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Nu har Nina's nya film "Arena" kommit ut på trailern! Enjoy. Läs mer om filmen här

Nina Dobrev pratar om Elena & Alaric's äventyr on ‘Vampire Diaries

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The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev spilled some details about Season 3 episode 2…

“Elena and Alaric go on a sweaty, rugged adventure together, and I have to cool off at one point,” Dobrev told

Entertainment Weekly. “We get to bond a little bit, and filming scenes with Matt Davis is great, because he’s a really funny, light-hearted guy and there’s a lot of comic relief.”

Dobrev went on to open up about how the cast keeps cool while shooting in the Georgia heat.

“We try to set up tents with air conditioning, but it ends up being hotter inside the tent than it is outside,” Dobrev

said. “So what we do is we take ice packs and we put them on our wrist, or on our neck, or down our pants just to keep cool.”

Sounds like a light hearted, laughing good time, which will be very nice to see after all the doom and gloom Elena went through last season!

Nina Dobrev Intervju från Comic Con 2011

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I intevjuen pratar hon  om vad som kommer att hända Katherine, vad Damon kommer att ge Elena  som födelsedag's present. Enjoy!



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Nina blev intevjuad av MTV under evenmanget 5: e årliga EW: s Comic-Con celebration hon pratar om Bl.a  Stefan's mörk sida, Damon.

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The Vampire Diaries cast stopped by San Diego for Comic-Con to talk about the upcoming season of the show and what's next for their supernatural characters. Nina Dobrev, who plays human Elena and vampire Katherine, sat down to chat with reporters before her panel. She gave some insight about her two roles, and Elena's constant struggle between Team Stefan and Team Damon.

Who do you like playing more, Katherine or Elena?
Nina Dobrev: I definitely enjoy playing both, because there's never a dull day. The great thing about television is that it's not [just] two hours where you have a beginning, middle, and end, [where] you see one character and one thing that they go through. Fortunately, the characters get to grow. I mean, Elena — the way she was when I first started, when I first signed on to the show — she was one person; she was a sort of younger, naive, sad, young girl, and she's become a strong woman. And when I later found out that I would have to play Katherine as well, it was interesting to create another character. I really wanted to make her completely different, and make her so that you could distinguish between the two of them. So that's been the biggest challenge, and it's been great.

Will Elena go for Damon now that Stefan isn't around?
ND: You'll see in the first episode that she may not necessarily be skewing towards Damon. Just because he's there and Stefan's not doesn't mean that she's going to fall into his arms. She realizes that she was in big trouble when she found out that Damon was going to survive after she kissed him. She was like, uh-oh. He's going to follow me and keep telling me about this forever; it's going to be so frustrating. We'll see what happens; it's either out of sight, out of mind, or absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Of Damon and Stefan, who would you, Nina Dobrev, pick?
ND: God, I don't know. I'm pretty sure there's another brother somewhere. A hybrid of the two of them. I don't know; I think Elena's got it good — she's got both of them after her. She gets both. She's a smart woman!

Is it difficult switching back and forth from Katherine and Elena?
ND: It definitely is more difficult because it's a process. You always hear of an actors' process, and it's sort of weird, but we definitely have them, and you have to go through your tics. A lot of the physical changes are what help me. When I look in the mirror, I just feel different when I'm Katherine or when I'm Elena. My voice changes a little bit, I think, and even just mentally, I feel like I can get away with a lot more. I think differently; I get a little more sassy when I'm on set when I'm Katherine, or I'm a little bit more reserved and Elena-esque otherwise.

What did you think when Elena almost become a vampire at the end of season two?
ND: I was happy that she didn't become a vampire. I think it would have been too soon. I feel like we would have burned out of storylines, and then what would we do in season six? From a character and story/show point of view, that's what I think, but also, I don't think she's ready for it. I don't think it's something that she wants. And it's not something I want, because like I said, I get the best of both worlds: I get to be a vampire and I get to not be a vampire, so I kind of like that. That'll be water that we tread further down the line, hopefully.




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När Nina var på Cowboy and Aliens premier så fick hon bli intervjuad av Extra. I intevju så pratar hon om s3


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Det har kommit ut 4 scans på Nina från nya numret av Elle Kanada. I tidningen finns den små intervjuer där hon pratar Bl.a om Smink och hår. Jätte fina bilder på henne!!

Nina Dobrev pratar om Comic-Con

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The Hollywood Reporter gjorde en intevju med Nina Dobrev (Elena) hon pratar om bl.a Comic-Con som kommer att hålla lördagen 23 juli. 

THR: What stands out about your Comic-Con experiences?
I’ve attended twice, both times for The Vampire Diaries and both have been completely different. We shoot Monday through Friday. Both years, we had to fly in on Saturday morning from Atlanta and leave on Sunday afternoon. You always meet people you admire. Last year with Tron I met Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde. The year before, I I met Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law. I admire them and they inspire me to do what I do.

THR: What’s the best thing a fan has said to you at Comic-Con?
Last year one of my fans told me that I inspired them to follow their own dreams. It truly touched me.

THR: What makes for a successful panel?
Stay confident and collected. Remember it’s just a conversation and have fun. People are walking around in monster costumes, so lighten up. It can be intimidating, but at the end of the day the fans are there because they want to be and they want to hear what you have to say.

THR: What questions would you recommend fans not ask at panels?
Asking a general question for everyone on the panel is not the best idea because it takes up a lot of time. Be specific in the question you ask and who you ask it to.

THR: What panel would you stand in line all day for?
Lord of the Rings. My friend and I would skip school on Fridays and pretend to be sick and we went to see all the Lord of the Rings. That and Wilfred; Elijah Wood is hilarious and it’s a really cool choice for him to do a comedy.

THR: Who would be on your dream panel?
I’d love to hear what confident, intelligent women in the industry have to say: Rachel McAdams, Carey Mulligan, Angelina Jolie, Kristen Wiig and Tina Fey. I would stand in line all day for that panel.

THR: What tips do you have for Comic-Con first-timers?
Be open-minded and be prepared to have your mind blown because you’re about to go on this crazy adventure that’s like walking in Times Square on New Year’s.

THR: How will the originals impact everyone next season on The Vampire Diaries?
The originals have come in and now that stuff has gone to the dark side. The whole chemistry of the show is shifting and it’s going be changing the relationships between people who previously bonded. Now that Jenna is gone and Alaric is single and that Elena and Jeremy don’t have parental figures, if you will, it will be interesting to see who rises to the occasion. Everything has shifted, and everything is off-balance, so everyone is going to have to compensate in different ways


Nina Dobrev: Puma’s Project Pink! (bilder och Video)

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Klicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlekKlicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlekKlicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlekKlicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlekKlicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlek

/ Johanna

Nina Ute i Västra Hollywood (photoshoot)

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Klicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlekKlicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlekKlicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlekKlicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlekKlicka på bilden för att se den i fullstorlek
Klicka Här för att se mer bilder.


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Det har kommit en ny fin promobild på Elena från säsong 2.

/ Johanna


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Jag skulle inte säga att den är ny eftersom Mtv Movie Awards var för några veckor sen. Men den är ny eftersom vi har inte sett den förut. I intervju så  pratar Nina om the vampire diaries säsong 3. Ni som ser i svenskt takt kan se på intevju. Källa

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För ungefär 11 timmars sen twittrade Nina Den här bild! haha bilden är söt!

Ny Photoshoot med Nina Dobrev

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Nu finns de nya bilder på Nina från photoshoot Zink Magazine. Bilderna är sjukt vackra!

/ N

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