Mer Spoilers om Säsong 3

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Det har kommit mer spoilers om Säsong 3 spoiler till dig som följer svenskttakt!

I have some very exciting Vampire Diaries spoilers to share that lead right into the ‘core shocking’ season 3 finale of the CW hit! These bloody good TVD bites are filled with spoilers, so enjoy TVD Family and sound off with your thoughts, speculations and theories :) !!

At least part of the Original family will be sitting pretty in Mystic Falls for awhile when Klaus’ feelings for Caroline intensify. Klaus will make his intentions more known in the very near future and fans can expect to see a huge hybrid conflict between Tyler and Klaus.

The arrival of Damon’s old friend Sage will discoverthe location of the White Oak tree that can kill the Original family. With Damon spending all his time with Sage and Rebekah, Elena will be more than jealous. However, Delena fans can relax because Damon will be escorting Elena to the annual Decade Dance; with a 1920′s theme this time.

Unfortunately we won’t be seeing Katherine anytime soon, but more of our Salvatore brothers’ time apart will be revealed through The Vampire Diaries return episode, “1912″.



In present day Mystic Falls Meredith will be cleared of any suspicion concerning the mysterious serial murders and the real killer will completely surprise you.

Lastly, in a direct quote, the TVD finale script is one that will ‘shock’ fans to their core as Elena will ‘definitely make a choice’, one that will impact the rest of the series.

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