Ian Somerhalder pratar om Damon, Stefan och Elena

Datum: 2012-04-11 Tid: 16:56:47 Kategori: Spoilers, serien

DamonStan: Is there anything to look forward to for Delena fans in the last episodes of the season? #TVD

Why don’t we just let the eternal stud himself, Ian Somerhalder (duh!), answer this one? “I think that Elena is extremely confused, but she’s being very honest about it. She’s extremely honest about her feelings for Damon and she’s extremely honest about her feelings for Stefan,” he tells us while promoting his foundation’s upcoming Earth Day initiative, Clean Up Where You Live, Work & Play. “I think that her seeking out the way she feels about either one of them, where her heart ultimately needs to be and how it all works is going to make for some really good story telling. I know that the season finale, the relationship between the two of them, you see how much Damon cares about her.” Translation: expect some Delena goodness in the finale!

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