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Datum: 2012-03-27 Tid: 14:59:12 Kategori: Spoilers, serien

Candice Accola teased Caroline’s upcoming reaction to Alaric being the serial killer.

“We won’t see it right now, because she’s still gone with Bonnie and Abby, but in upcoming episodes Caroline will learn that it was Alric. They will have words. Like, ‘Hey, remember that time you murdered my father? This is awkward now.’” She goes on to tease the mythology behind the Gilbert rings, “It really opens up the history behind the ring. If we’ve got this ring that brings people back to life, there’s got to be consequences. I love that the show has followed through on the fact that with every bit of magic, there’s a consequence.

TVD fans will get one more new episode, “The Murder Of One”, after tonight before The Vampire Diaries will be taking a brief 2-week hiatus to prepare for it’s Spring end of season run. TVD will start their push into May with the tentatively set April 19th episode, “Heart of Darkness”. “Heart of Darkness” will bring our favorite love triangle to a serious head and it will “blow wide open”. Executive Producer Julie Plec spoils that there will be more kissing for all our players in the final episodes; more than all the episodes of Season 3 combined! If that wasn’t enough spoilery goodness for you, Tyler will also return to Mystic Falls in “Heart of Darkness”. He’ll be bringing the sexy back for himself and Caroline with an intensely hot scene between the two.

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